Why 949 Websites: 3 of 3

949-websites-EBD-3To finalize our blog series on what makes 949 different is the reliance on Evidence Based Design or EBD to help create the most effective website your clients will love.  949 fosters this EBD philosophy so we create websites based on what gets your client excited and stimulated to act, not you.   How is evidence based design conducted?  Over the last 10 years, we’ve researched, tested, and monitored the business categories we specialize in determining what you elements your websites needs to be successful in your business type.

With this in mind, you no longer need to worry about getting heavily involved in building your website. We’ve already determined what looks good to your clients, you just need to provide us with your logo, a primary color, your story, a few photos and soon enough, you’ll be looking like those 1000 lb gorillas yourself.  This is what truly makes us different, we do all the heavy lifting and you just sit back and wait until your perfect website is created in a manner your clients will love.

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Why 949 Websites: 2 of 3

949-websites-EBD-2Why is it that many small business websites don't work or do not appeal to your customers or clients. The issue is 99 percent of small businesses know nothing about website development, design or what’s currently trending.  Most business owners or managers have typically been involved with only a few websites in their lives, for some it will be their first.  The secret to a well performing website (and what large companies do) is to leave the design, look and feel to the professionals like us.

Big corporations can care less about what they personally think about the visual part of their websites.  They perform focus groups, spend time with key customers, create surveys, incorporate sales data, add in components from customer service and add statistical analysis to create a website that most appeals to their target clients, regardless what they think of the visual appeal.

This is evidence based design.  It’s the premise that what has worked before for a certain industry if given the same parameters will work again. 949 incorporates Evidence Based Design EBD in all our websites so you don't have to don't have to worry about designing your website or getting heavily involved with the look and feel.  We've got it, we just do what has been successful in the past and present allowing your customers the best experience which is the most important component to your site.

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Why 949 Websites: 1 of 3

949-websites-EBD-1Every website company say this but what truly makes 949 different from most of our competitors how we incorporate Evidence Based Design into your website.  It may sound harsh, but we’re not concerned about your personal taste, we focus on getting your idea, business or masterpiece, results.  We do this by understanding and seeing what is proven to work for your target industry or business. Over the last 15 years we’ve been involved with marketing projects and website development and we’ve seen the same trend over and over.

Small businesses have the biggest difficulty creating websites that compete with the 1000lb gorillas.  The primary problem we’ve identified for the most part is, small business owners think getting involved with the design of their website will somehow make it better having a web developer create it?  This is actually the opposite of what the big guys do.  They leave it up to statistics, focus groups, and surveys to create their websites and we use this knowledge to build yours.

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Is (949)’s OC Community Websites for You?

949-customer-careMost website developers work with almost anyone which makes it hard be a specialist in certain industries or even their local community. (949) Websites is a little different.  We focus our efforts exclusively on O.C. CA businesses in 5 specific industries; Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Restaurants, and Creative Artists.  The folks that run 949 Websites have years of direct marketing and sales experience in these industries and understand what works best in each industry.  If you're a pizza place in Arizona, we're probably not a good fit but any restaurant or bar in the O.C. is an ideal candidate.

We mostly work with start-ups and growing companies with sales under a million.  What's nice about our platform is you can start with a streamlined site and develop it more as you grow.   Another difference about (949) is the way we design your website.  The good news is we've done intensive research (evidence based website design) and studied numerous websites in each industry we focus on so you don't have too.  We also integrate our experience to complete the website development process. The bad news is if you want to have complete control of your website design, we're most likely not be the best fit for you.

To summarize who's our ideal client; we work best with like-minded, local O.C., CA companies from the 5 industries we know best.  Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Restaurants, and Creative Artists.