949 Websites | Creative Artist Tip #1- Business Education

949-creative-artist-blog1With 25+ years’ experience working with graphic designers, photographers/video, 3d designers , Bronze sculptures, and countless Creative Artists,  I’ve found a similar trend I’d like to share to help Artists build a better business.  Artists are very creative but this sometimes works against them when it comes to doing business.   Pricing, Costs, Sales Channels, and Client Services are often secondary thoughts when most artists start selling. 

Many artists and designers have told me if they had taken the time to learn more about the basics of doing business when they first started, it would have dramatically changed their business or at least their income in the first years of selling art.

To ensure you start your business off right, Artists and Photographers must spend at least 10 hours+ learning about basic business principals like costing, customer service, pricing models, management, accounting,  and more.   These 10 hours in most cases will be the difference of creating sustainable businesses to eventually becoming a statistic or in this case, another starving artist.   Where do I start?  Youtube is a great place to learn about business and most of this training should be free.   You can also search Google but a lot of these searches will be for paid services which you may not need.

Whatever you do, Artists should make sure they spend at least 10 hours or more learning about business- Do it today and see the difference it will make on your growing business.

One of (949) Websites goals is to help small and medium sized businesses in Orange County, California learn from our years of education and direct corporate to small business experience.  A major benefit of being a 949 community website member is your ability to take the conversation further. 

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