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Why 949 Websites: 3 of 3

To finalize our blog series on what makes 949 different is the reliance on Evidence Based Design or EBD to help create the most effective website your clients will love.  949 fosters this EBD philosophy so we create websites based on what gets your client excited and stimulated to act, not you.   How is […]

949 Websites | O.C. Retail Tip #1: Try Open Window Displays

  I remember when working in retail sales at South Coast Plaza, CA at a high-end boutique, our store window was almost fully enclosed with a selection of select items we wanted to highlight.  The problem with this concept is although it focuses potential customers to quickly see your main offering, it limits their view […]

Why 949 Websites: 2 of 3

Why is it that many small business websites don't work or do not appeal to your customers or clients. The issue is 99 percent of small businesses know nothing about website development, design or what’s currently trending.  Most business owners or managers have typically been involved with only a few websites in their lives, for […]

Why 949 Websites: 1 of 3

Every website company say this but what truly makes 949 different from most of our competitors how we incorporate Evidence Based Design into your website.  It may sound harsh, but we’re not concerned about your personal taste, we focus on getting your idea, business or masterpiece, results.  We do this by understanding and seeing what […]

Is (949)’s OC Community Websites for You?

Most website developers work with almost anyone which makes it hard be a specialist in certain industries or even their local community. (949) Websites is a little different.  We focus our efforts exclusively on O.C. CA businesses in 5 specific industries; Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Restaurants, and Creative Artists.  The folks that run 949 Websites […]

949 Websites | O.C. Manufacturers Tip #1: Pricing Products

One of the biggest mistakes small and medium sized business make when pricing their products is the understanding of sales channels and how folks buy in your particular product offering or setting a good price for your products.  Its great to invoice the store that ultimately sells your product but wouldn't it be easier to […]

949 Websites | Creative Artist Tip #1- Business Education

With 25+ years’ experience working with graphic designers, photographers/video, 3d designers , Bronze sculptures, and countless Creative Artists,  I’ve found a similar trend I’d like to share to help Artists build a better business.  Artists are very creative but this sometimes works against them when it comes to doing business.   Pricing, Costs, Sales Channels, and […]