Why 949 Websites: 3 of 3

949-websites-EBD-3To finalize our blog series on what makes 949 different is the reliance on Evidence Based Design or EBD to help create the most effective website your clients will love.  949 fosters this EBD philosophy so we create websites based on what gets your client excited and stimulated to act, not you.   How is evidence based design conducted?  Over the last 10 years, we’ve researched, tested, and monitored the business categories we specialize in determining what you elements your websites needs to be successful in your business type.

With this in mind, you no longer need to worry about getting heavily involved in building your website. We’ve already determined what looks good to your clients, you just need to provide us with your logo, a primary color, your story, a few photos and soon enough, you’ll be looking like those 1000 lb gorillas yourself.  This is what truly makes us different, we do all the heavy lifting and you just sit back and wait until your perfect website is created in a manner your clients will love.

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949 Websites | O.C. Retail Tip #1: Try Open Window Displays


949-websites-retail-2-I remember when working in retail sales at South Coast Plaza, CA at a high-end boutique, our store window was almost fully enclosed with a selection of select items we wanted to highlight.  The problem with this concept is although it focuses potential customers to quickly see your main offering, it limits their view of other items you have in your store.

What if there not looking for a spring wardrobe, just a watch?  Retail stores can often lose potential walk-ins by closing off the store front from the interior of their store.

A trend we've seem at recent retail excursions is what I call the "Open Storefront Concept" where you have a front window display but folks can look through the display to also see what is inside your store.  This opens up new possibilities for potential customers seeing something of interest and recent new store opening support this as you can see from the images below.

What we've seen works best is a combination of using a unique prop that goes along with the look of the item or your store concept but is not too bulky or solid.  An ideal prop would be a motorcycle or surfboard that gives a high visual appeal and items can be draped over not taking up to much vertical room.  A boat sail would be a bad example of a prop since it it bulky and the sail will cover up anything behind it.  Next time your ready to change your window, try an Open Storefront Concept" to increase walk-in traffic & sales.

One of (949) Websites goals is to help small and medium sized businesses in Orange County, California learn from our years of education and direct corporate to small business experience.  A major benefits of being a 949 community website member is your ability to take the conversation further.  If you have question or need further clarification.  949 members can login and ask that question on our members forum or send us a ticket anytime, just reference Tip # and 1 of our 5 Industries we focus on; Manufacturing, Retail, Professional Services, Restaurants & Bars, and Creative Artists.

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