Why 949 Websites: 2 of 3

949-websites-EBD-2Why is it that many small business websites don't work or do not appeal to your customers or clients. The issue is 99 percent of small businesses know nothing about website development, design or what’s currently trending.  Most business owners or managers have typically been involved with only a few websites in their lives, for some it will be their first.  The secret to a well performing website (and what large companies do) is to leave the design, look and feel to the professionals like us.

Big corporations can care less about what they personally think about the visual part of their websites.  They perform focus groups, spend time with key customers, create surveys, incorporate sales data, add in components from customer service and add statistical analysis to create a website that most appeals to their target clients, regardless what they think of the visual appeal.

This is evidence based design.  It’s the premise that what has worked before for a certain industry if given the same parameters will work again. 949 incorporates Evidence Based Design EBD in all our websites so you don't have to don't have to worry about designing your website or getting heavily involved with the look and feel.  We've got it, we just do what has been successful in the past and present allowing your customers the best experience which is the most important component to your site.

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