Why 949 Websites: 1 of 3

949-websites-EBD-1Every website company say this but what truly makes 949 different from most of our competitors how we incorporate Evidence Based Design into your website.  It may sound harsh, but we’re not concerned about your personal taste, we focus on getting your idea, business or masterpiece, results.  We do this by understanding and seeing what is proven to work for your target industry or business. Over the last 15 years we’ve been involved with marketing projects and website development and we’ve seen the same trend over and over.

Small businesses have the biggest difficulty creating websites that compete with the 1000lb gorillas.  The primary problem we’ve identified for the most part is, small business owners think getting involved with the design of their website will somehow make it better having a web developer create it?  This is actually the opposite of what the big guys do.  They leave it up to statistics, focus groups, and surveys to create their websites and we use this knowledge to build yours.

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