Is (949)’s OC Community Websites for You?

949-customer-careMost website developers work with almost anyone which makes it hard be a specialist in certain industries or even their local community. (949) Websites is a little different.  We focus our efforts exclusively on O.C. CA businesses in 5 specific industries; Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Restaurants, and Creative Artists.  The folks that run 949 Websites have years of direct marketing and sales experience in these industries and understand what works best in each industry.  If you're a pizza place in Arizona, we're probably not a good fit but any restaurant or bar in the O.C. is an ideal candidate.

We mostly work with start-ups and growing companies with sales under a million.  What's nice about our platform is you can start with a streamlined site and develop it more as you grow.   Another difference about (949) is the way we design your website.  The good news is we've done intensive research (evidence based website design) and studied numerous websites in each industry we focus on so you don't have too.  We also integrate our experience to complete the website development process. The bad news is if you want to have complete control of your website design, we're most likely not be the best fit for you.

To summarize who's our ideal client; we work best with like-minded, local O.C., CA companies from the 5 industries we know best.  Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Restaurants, and Creative Artists.